Assistance, accommodation, coffee and business box.

Our employee will answer your questions, will accommodate you, will be your assistant during your stay at the Hostel. You can sit here on a comfortable sofa, drink coffee or tea. If you need to photocopy a medieval manuscript or print A3 documents for a business meeting - we are at your disposal.


Adapts to you.

A professional Italian smart furniture system with a design based on gas shock absorbers and a top-quality anatomical bed frame gives you not only a comfortable sleep - our beds unfold and fold almost without force, giving in a few seconds the possibility of changing your room into a spacious two, a six with a competitive price or bedroom for a sports team with twelve beds in the extra economic rate. The choice is yours.


Italian project. Your comfort

The frames and bed constructions were designed and made by a professional Italian furniture company. Anatomic bed frame and an excellent mattress made by the Sembella brand guarantee the highest sleeping comfort. A healthy and comfortable sleep is the basis of every successful day!


Shower heads, underfloor heating.

A comfortable shower cubicle equipped with a rain shower will allow for a moment of relaxation, floor heating will make even the very early morning pleasant. There is a mirror, a sink, comfortable hangers, a clothes cabinet and a toilet.

Dining area

Fifty comfortable chairs, tables, breakfasts, dinners and lunches.

On a large, bright room, 5 meters high, with a glass south wall you can drink good coffee, tea, choose from the menu one of several breakfasts, lunches or dinners. All this thanks to the latest class of automatic kitchens - you can eat a home-made dinner or a local dish warmed up for a few seconds and prepared for consumption. A professional, automatic coffee maker will prepare a coffee like a professional barista.


10 complete kitchen stands at your disposal.

Microwave, electric kettle, sink, dishwasher, cutlery, cups, plates, fridge. If you are a traveling household or chef - prepare your own meal.


Are you on a longer journey? Wash and dry clothes in two hours.

Four modern washing machines and four professional laundry dryers are at your disposal. If you end up with clean tanning in your backpack or you brushed your favorite dress, you can dry it in two hours, the laundry also has an iron and ironing table, if you're just going to a press conference or a costume party.


A large internal courtyard.

In front of the windows of the dining room there is 100 square meters of freedom and Krakow weather. It's allowed to smoke here, you can also sit at a table.